Mars Uncovered: Ancient God of War – Now available on BBC iPlayer

Paths to Peace: Refugee Child Musicians on BBC World News – 30th & 31st March, and 2nd April 2019

Paths to Peace: Refugee Stonemasons on BBC World News – 23rd, 24th and 26th March 2019

“One of my main hopes is that the film raises awareness of the incredibly sad situation in Cambodia and other places affected by the remnants of war…”

Read Camilla Thurlow and Bettany Hughes’ interview discussing What Camilla Did Next with the Evening Standard here…


What Camilla Did Next – On ITVBe – 30th January 2019 at 9pm

Tales from the Caspian Sea on BBC Radio 3

Episode One – Sunday Feature –  2nd December 2018 at 18.45
Episode Two – Sunday Feature –  9th December 2018 at 18.45

In Tales from the Caspian Sea, Bettany Hughes investigates the rich cultural history of the Caspian, a region which nourished the ancient world’s oldest theocracy in the form of a Zoroastrian state and pioneered an early Muslim-majority democracy in 1918.

Bacchus Uncovered – Ancient God of Ecstasy

Presented by Bettany Hughes, Bacchus Uncovered – Ancient God of Ecstasy aired on BBC Four on Wednesday 11 April, followed by BBC World News on the 28th and 29th April.

scholarly and enthusiastic’ – Financial Times 

Relevant to young party-goers and archaeologists alike‘ – The iNews

Venus Uncovered – Ancient Goddess of Love

Bettany Hughes on the symbol of Venus

Ahead of new TV programme Venus Uncovered, historian Bettany Hughes spoke to History Extra about the many meanings of the mythological figure, and shared what the goddess can tell us about the development of attitudes towards sex and desire…

15th November 2017  | History Extra

Bettany Hughes discusses writing women back into history on Sky News

15th November 2017  | Sky News

There is a way to recast sexual relations – and it all starts with Venus

The goddess’s long life story tracks centuries of men’s fear and prejudice, with women the victims

15th November 2017  | The Guardian 

‘The world never had this many sexpots’: Top UK historian sets up TV company to counter misleading portrayals of women

One of Britain’s leading historians has helped to set up a TV company as part of an attempt to “write women back into history” and counter the “super-sexualised” portrayal of heroines of the past.

24th October 2017  |  Evening Standard